Bread Jam and Cream

Bread Jam and Cream

The other day I was trying to think of what to do with bread and then I remembered how we always used to have bread jam and cream with I was growing up.

As I’ve been experimenting more in the kitchen I am being reminded of those moments with my mother in the kitchen.

My mother

I really didn’t think I had a good relationship with my mother when I was growing up, but now as I look back on it, well, it was good. She made sure when my relatives did terrible things that she made up for it. She showed me how to knit and more importantly how to bake. We did a lot of baking together.

I still remember my first cake with her. That is another story.

My mother wasn’t an emotional person, nor was she affectionate. Oh, I think I should do a whole post on her. We have worked through a lot of things and everything is great now.

One thing I do remember with her is bread jam and cream.

Sally and Sara

They were our cows. We milked them by hand, every morning and evening. Actually mum did that. We had so much milk and with that comes lots of cream. Every morning the cream would be sitting on top of the milk.

We had jars and jars of it. It is one of those things, you can’t just throw it away, so we had to find ways to use it.

One thing we did eat a lot of is bread jam and cream. It was so good.

What we needed was very fresh bread. Then you spread it with your favourite jam and then run fresh cream over the top. I suppose you could whip it, but we just ran it over the top.

Bread Jam and Cream

Bread Jam and Cream

After making fresh bread the other day, I thought how about some bread jam and cream. I took photos of it as well.

Did you ever eat this when you were growing up?

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