Let’s start over

Since I started this blog I’ve struggled with what to and so I’ve had a rethink and thought, let’s start over again. See where we go with this.


One of the biggest issues I’ve had is do I need photos for this?

My other blog has photos all the time and me being a photographer or an artist I’ve always thought that it should. However, I’ve decided it doesn’t have to have them. So you might get some, you might not.


Wow, this virus has really changed the way we live right now. I know some people are finding it really hard and others not so much.

Me, I’m loving it. Is it fair to say that? Being in lockdown has been great. I don’t mind it at all. I never run out of things to do and am finding lots of new ways to fill my time. I might get depressed when the opposite happens and there is no more lockdown.

To be fair I’ve been working at home on my own for years really, so this is nothing really new. Not much has changed for me. Well besides going out to take photos, nothing really.

Seriously it is the best. Who cares if I wear the same clothes for days on end. Okay, I do change the undies each day, but the rest, pfft, it doesn’t matter. My husband is the only who sees me and believe you me, he doesn’t notice.

Though, I will change my clothes if I spill food on the area above the boobs. If I can see the stains, then it drives me mad. Below, what I don’t see  . . .


I’ve been keeping in touch with quite a few friends over the phone and on video, but I’m not really missing seeing them in person. Shhh don’t tell them. I love my friends, but it can be a pain going out at times.

Nah, that isn’t true I enjoy catching up with them, but I love being home. Home is my safe place, so this lockdown has me in my favourite place in the world.

What have I been doing?

Well, I did do a heap of sorting and cleaning, so the house is looking great these days and that helps. Makes it so much nicer to be here. I enjoy keeping it up and making it look the best.

However, the place I’ve been spending the most time has been the kitchen. I’ve been baking and cooking.

Though there are only so many cakes and biscuits you can make when there are only two of you in the house. I know I said I would never get into bread making again, but guess what?

I lied.

Or rather I didn’t think I would, but I have succumbed. I’ve been teaching myself how to make bread. Which has been interesting since flour is probably one of the hardest things to get on the planet right now. Well, it seems that way for me. Every time I go to the supermarket they never have any. I’ve had to resort to friends getting it for me. I love my friends.

I have ordered some online, but that was 3 weeks ago and it could be another week before I get it. I will have to keep trying.


The logical thing now seems to be to spend time learning how to make sourdough bread. We love that bread, so I am going to master it, somehow.

I have purchased a class online, so will see how I go with that.

There you go and Let’s start over

That’s what I’ve been doing. I thought  I would start sharing my experiences of lockdown with you. I hope you want to hear about it.

Let’s talk soon.

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