Macarons and Crumpets for Tea

Macarons and Crumpets for Tea

Last week was a challenging week, I tried my hand at Macarons and then made crumpets for tea. Okay maybe for breakfast.

Let’s just start by saying I’m not a fan of macarons, but I do love crumpets. My husband and daughter like macarons, so I thought they might be fun to make.


They are said to be really hard to make so I was, understandably, very nervous about making them. So many people have stories about them failing. I figured what have I got to lose.

To help with how to make them I watched another video from Cupcake Jemma, here it is:

We decided to follow this and not make them more difficult than they needed to be.

I should’ve mentioned also that my youngest daughter was helping, or rather watching. She can’t really cook. I really failed as a mother there. She should have been taught.

We were going really well. After getting the first part done, it was time to make the sugar syrup to put into the whipping egg whites.


It was going well, the sugar was doing what it had to do. The sugar thermometre was in it and we were waiting for it to get to 118 degree C. Then all of a sudden it went brown and then dark brown. It was only 80 on the thermometre.

After testing it in boiling water it was fairly clear the thermometre I had was crap. So off we went, back to Kitchen Warehouse to find another one. This is the one I got, click here.

Round two and it went without a hitch.


Next was piping them onto the trays for baking. OMG I suck at piping so much. I really struggled. I figured who cares and I just had a go. Over time I have to get better, I hope so anyway.

Once they were ready, according to the video I popped them in the oven.

Macarons and Crumpets for Tea

I cannot lie, I really did think they would just go splat or flat. It was so surprising to see them rising.

They were all different sizes, but hey that didn’t matter. We just matched them up as well as we could. For the filling, we used white chocolate ganache.

The following day I did some still life images using a few. You can see how they came out.

Macarons and Crumpets for Tea

According to my daughter, they tasted good and I should make them again. I might, you never know. Though, having said that, I do really need to practice my piping skills.

Crumpets for tea

The story for these is not as good. It is the second time I’ve tried to make them. The second time they haven’t tasted so good. Though they did look better.

The first time I followed a recipe from the web and the second, a recipe I’ve had for many years.

Making them seemed easy, but they are harder to cook.

Once again I tried doing some still life images with them, and well, they look good.

Macarons and Crumpets for Tea

However, after the photos, I tried eating them and yeah, well, not so good. They were really dense. I think I’m going to have to do some research, perhaps experiment a lot more to find the perfect crumpet recipe.

When I find it, I will share it with you, if you want.

Have you ever made either of these? How did they turn out?

Macarons and Crumpets for Tea

9 thoughts on “Macarons and Crumpets for Tea”

  1. Wait 1 to 2 days for the macarons to set?! No way! Yours look good, Leanne. As for the crumpets–they look lovely. Pass the coffee and a couple crumpets. I’ll be the judge of that! 😀

    1. Haha, that is what happened here too, no one waited. Thank you Lois, those that tried them said they were good. The crumpets weren’t good. I’ve tried making more and again, not good. I don’t know if I will try anymore, but they were good to photograph. Thank you Lois.

    1. The macarons were, but not the crumpets, but it doesn’t matter for the photos, isn’t that right, lol. Thank you Nora.

  2. In food photography, it’s about making everything look absolutely scrumptious. Taste, maybe not. I read about one food photog who took photos of what she called a beautiful dessert spread. After the shoot, she asked the baker if her and her assistant could sample from the spread. The desserts were slated to go into the trash after the shoot any way. The baker said, sure, help yourself. He did warn some may not taste right, but they came out looking perfect. 🙂

    1. I think you are right David, it is about that. I am hoping to make my stuff look good too. Thank you David.

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