Trying to make sourdough

While I’m stuck at home I thought I might try to learn how to make sourdough bread, or I’m trying to.

Everywhere I read it says it isn’t easy, but that has never stopped me from trying anything in the past. It is just bread, how hard can it be?

Yeah, that is the question and it is a good one really.

When people came up with all these methods on how to do this they weren’t thinking coronavirus and flour shortages.

Not getting the flour you need

All the methods, well most of the ones I’ve read, have said to use rye flour to start with. Sounds easy, except I haven’t seen any rye flour in the supermarkets for weeks now.

I have used all the unbleached flour that I first bought for making flour, so I am left with very little choices as to what to use.

Light rye

I figured this would have to be okay, it must have rye in it, so it would work, wouldn’t it?

So I decided I would start with that.

How to make a sourdough starter

One of the things I found was that so many information places on the internet say to go to a baker and see if they will give you some of their starter. Great idea, but we aren’t allowed to do that sort of thing right now, remember lockdown.

With that not being a possibility, I had to find somewhere where I could start my sourdough starter from scratch. Make my own. New beginnings.

If you go looking you can find places where they tell you exactly what to do. That is among all the places that just tell you how to feed it and so on.

Method 1

After my searching, I decided I would try the method laid out in this next video.

It seems a bit scientific or something, but hey I can follow instructions so I started my first one last Friday. I couldn’t use the flour he said, remember no rye, so I decided to keep going with the light rye.

He does use different combinations of flours, but I don’t have the unbleached, so I have stuck with the light rye. More on that later.

Method 2

I thought it might be a good idea to try another method as well, that way if one doesn’t work, I would, potentially, have a second one that would.

I went to Simply No Knead for the second one. The link to it is here.

It didn’t seem as complicated, but again, I didn’t have the right flours, so made do with the light rye.

So far, I think the second one is working better than the first. The second one is growing, but the first one just doesn’t seem to do anything.

Light rye flour

So it turns out that it may not have been a good idea to use that flour. Seems it is a bread mix and might have other things in it. I do have some Wholemeal flour, which is pure flour, so today I started using it instead. I should have started with it from the beginning. Now it is looking like neither of my sourdough starters are going to work.

Looks like I might have to start over again, but since I’m into day 5 for method one, and day 4 for the second one, I’m going to stick with them to see if they can be saved. What else have I got to do?

I will keep going and see what I end up, and I’m sure you will be hearing a lot more about it.

What are you doing during this time of self-isolation?

Trying to make sourdough

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